When you go for your Recall, the hard-sell starts

No Prius problems

Some 'service needs' to alert you, when at the Dealership

Prius mechanic specialist

See the little grille by the back seat.  It covers an air duct.  Follow that duct rearward and down a couple feet and there's a little computer-fan.  That's one of the Dealers' profit-centers.  They want to clean the small whirling blades, or they say they do.  They don't know if the hybrid battery fan is dirty since it can't be seen without a bit of dismantling of the interior of the car. It's not a recommended service item either, since few if any dirt buildups on those fan blades impair their effectiveness.  In fact, if the battery fan output were to become too low, there is a sensor, and a computer to process its data, down there also, which would turn on a warning light on the dash.  I'm sure some of these "fan cleanings" folks are unwittingly buying do actually get performed.  I'm also certain some don't.

Some other items we know they're out to sell you:
  • >> Early engine and inverter coolant.  From Totota's website: Initial replacement [is due] at 100,000 miles/120 months. Replace every 50,000 miles/60 months thereafter.
  • >>  Blue Service.  This is a concoction of regualr service items, but at the wrong intervals.  Only a thorough study of a car's entire service history could generate such a patchwork list.  No car needs a Blue Service from thin air.  If unsure, have an independent Prius shop (like Falconworks) review your car's records and advise.
  • >>  Clean throttle body.  Your Prius mechanic will recommend this, if he/she sees need, whenever the air filter is being checked or changed at regular service intervals, and will do it for little or no charge ...if you have a mechanic, that is.  If you go to the quicky-lube places, the Dealer could well be right on this one, but they don't know: they're just fishing for a few bucks.

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