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Hybrid Battery Options
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   Prius Hybrid Battery
(also called a "battery pack" because inside it is a string of little batteries, and is usually sold with the associated switches, relays, and computer housed within the same box)

WHEN WILL THE BATTERY FAIL?  First, let us note that it is now apparent that the failure of the hybrid battery (the expensive one) occurs at about ten years.  Except for vehicle used entirely on rough dirt roads, this failure seem unrelated to mileage covered:  we have seen battery failures at as low as 80k miles and some as late as 160k.

WHAT WARNING WILL I HAVE?  Essentially none.  You might hear the fan running hard and long, inside the car, down by the sill on the right rear door; you might notice the gas engine rarely seems to want to turn off at lights.  Some of the most attentive of you out there might be able to discern a slight change in the battery-state behavior on the touchscreen, a day or two earlier, but most will not.

CAN I DRIVE THE CAR WHEN THE BATTERY IS BAD?  The red 'triangle of death' will be illuminated, so technically, you really should not.  The car may be willing to proceed for a good number of miles, but the triangle-warning is also the indicator of an overheating system, other high-voltage electrical dangers, or serious brake fault, and should never be ignored.

WHAT GOES WRONG WITH THE BATTERY?  As they age, the individual cells in it become miss-matched.  When the generator tries to recharge to lot, some cells become overcharged (and hot) before others are adequately so.  To prevent the imminent fire, the hybrid drive computer shuts the whole thing down.

Battery Replacement Options
    • We used to rebuild hybrid batteries in house by buying used cells which matched the remaining good ones in the battery pack, and replacing the bad ones (usually one or two cells).  As the batteries aged, and the supply of good cells dwindled, the long-term success rate of this approach became so dismal that it was no longer cost-effective.  We no longer offer hybrid battery repair.

    • Then, we used to offer a factory rebuilt battery pack.  They carried a two-year free-replacement parts and labour warranty. Further, they carried a third year part-only free-replacement warranty. Unfortunately, the warranty rate has risen to over 50%, meaning many cars are needing more than one or two free-replacement batteries.  That makes the cars too vulnerable to sudden failures (and numerous long visits to the shop) and we no longer think it worth the savings in cost.

    • Now, we only offer a genuine new Toyota hybrid battery.  It carries a one-year free-replacement warranty, but guess what?  You won't need to use it!.  This is the only viable choice any longer, in our opinion.  For current pricing, call our office at 520-294-3572.

    • We do not offer used-battery, or customer-supplied options for hybrid batteries.  It costs too much to figure our that one is bad or nearly so, or missing pieces, etc.

No Triangles! That's it for now. Please use the links to learn more about us and our little Independent Prius workshop in Tucson.

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